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Galleon QOL Update Suggestions

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      Hello Printable Scenery Folks,
      I just finished my Galleon build and it was great. Overall the files printed beautifully, and with some trial and error I figured out what was needed. Nothing below is required in my mind. This project is complete, but with some qol suggestions it could be even better.

      Rigging Parts List – The reference map is ok, but trying to figure out which piece is “A” in the imperial sizes with a struggle. i printed some extras, and missed a few. ideally a list that says something like 5x”A” [metric file name]/[imperial file name] would be super helpful

      Master build List – just the same as above extended to the ship files. “make 1x[mid-top piece file name] or 13x[cannon file name]” and for interchangeable parts, denote you can choose and only need one.

      Dowel Cut List- total length needed, and a list of the sides, this information can all be gotten from the pics on the site, but it’d be nice to have it bundled in the file. They’re cheap so at the end of they day I just overbought and will have enough for another ship….or three.

      Optional Tag- Anything not needed for the bare bones pictured build could be tagged as optional. the galleon file included an anchor, cannons, ballista files that didn’t appear in the build and further more don’t have a good spot to appear on the ship.

      Better Ship Join Options- Honestly superglue is probably gonna hold this baby together just fine, but I would have preferred something a little stronger. Since we’re buying dowels perhaps holes that run through the middle of the ships and all parts we can push 1/4″ dowels through. once glued together it would make this thing rock solid. something like that wouldn’t require people to use if they didn’t want to, and should leave the print equally easy to print.

      Better Lantern join options: Having those small finishing parts like the Lanterns be keyed would help tremendously keep them down, I’ve already re-glued them a few times

      Minor Lantern Safety Redesign: I opted to use my resin printer on the lanterns, and they came out gorgeous, though the tip was super pointy. it’s easy enough to file down, but not till after I drew blood. rounding these off a bit in the file would take care of that no problem

      Anyway thanks for reading, Love everything you guys are doing. Keeps my printer going. I’m off to print my next ship.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      We will keep those in mind Cjyoda. especially the update to the parts lists.

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