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First model printed! The Tower

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      In black and grey PLA from Matterhackers, .20mm layer height, on a Prusa i3Mk3S. I printed the basement or first layer in the multiple part files from the “small printers” directory, as I wasn’t sure how much filament I had left on the roll.

      I experimented with different fill amounts, as that is the majority of the print time. The tower roof is 10% cubic in-fill, while the other two portions are rectilinear in-fil at 15%.

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      I’ve done the cottage, homestead, barracks and tower, and most of the chieftain’s hall (just the dungeon base left). They are printed at 0.16mm layer height, 5% infill, 3 perimeters, 4 top / bottom layers.

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      Thanks for sharing your settings. I want to try some variations, and one of them was to print the tower roof in vase mode with several perimeters. I will try slicing the STLs with your settings and see what that does to print times and maybe give it a try.

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