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First finished pieces

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      I printed these at 60% scale on and Ender 3 Pro.
      Layer Height: 0.2mm
      Wall Count: 2
      Top/Bottom Layers: 4/4
      Infill: 10% Cubic
      Hatchbox PLA

      Overall I’m quite happy with the quality. The registration pins seem to snap off fairly easily, and some of the very small details can get a bit stringy (the upright wood supports on the thatch rooves). Other than that, quite solid.

      For the paint I took their advise and did the Home Depot interior sample paints. It’s cheap and you get a lot of it.

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      Looks great Mark! They’ve come up a treat!
      Are these for gaming or just for show?

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      Just for show. I’ve got some room in the basement begging for a small village.

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      Haha thats excellent! You’ll have to do a photshoot when its ready! I’m eyeing up the town square tiles to do a diorama myself when they’re ready!

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