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Elven Library

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      Just finished up the library. This was so much fun to paint. I don’t remember the exact colors I used, I just kept going over things until it looked right. I used Liquitex Pthalo Green for the roof. Apple Barrel Khaki on the lighter walls. Liquitex Raw Umber on the dark trim pieces. Everything else I mixed together different Vallejo game color paints. Washed different areas with Vallejo Sepia Ink watered down. As well as some Citadel Agrax Earthshade. For those that have printed this, are you gluing together the 1st and section section on the bottom? It would look more appealing to have one solid piece, but I’m worried that if the door falls out, or the filament hinge breaks it would be a pain to get it back in place.

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      a couple more pictures….

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      very nice paint job.

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      Matt Barker

      The filament hinge is really strong, I’m sure it wont break

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      Joanne Boorer

      Product tag added

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