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Different Dungeon doors


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      I may have just not spotted them in the mass of files I just downloaded but….

      The Rampage Dungeon system does not seem to have alternatives to a standard door. Yes there are a couple of versions of a wooded door, even a secret door, but I am after a portcullis or jail type bars entrance. Maybe a sewer grill style door.

      Is this out there already?

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      Just found ‘The Grate’ in the base pack. Could go someways to sort my issue, but Im looking to create a wall of bars in a prison cell block. Any suggestions?

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      Nicholas Jebson

      hmmm, as far as a wall of bars goes there isn’t really anything that leaps to mind. maybe that would be a neat little project for the future. Closest at the moment would be the portculis but that is way too big.

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