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Diferent size after size reduction

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      I reduced the model of the “Rampage Castle” and “Stalingrad ruins” buildings to 70% to reach a final scale of about 1:72 for 20mm wargaming figures, but unfortunately its was printed in different sizes. Compared to both, Stalingrad is smaller than Rampage Castle. Both models state that they are made on the size of 28mm figures. So what’s wrong?

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hey Amahu, were you using both the OpenLOCK sets for Rampage castle and Stalingrad sets, or was the Stalingrad set the non-OpenLOCK version? The OpenLOCK models have an extra section added to their bottoms to accommodate the OpenLOCK clips, so this might make the heights different.

      One thing I quite like to do when I’m re-scaling is use a program like Mesh Mixer to check the relative scaling of the models against each other. I will get one to a size I like and then bring in the others, scale them down and then tinker until they are perfect.

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      Yes, I know of different floors, but of course I subtracted the height of the floor from the height of the walls. And then I was also confused by the name
      “Stalingrad Ruins 15 mm”, but it is written in the description that it is adapted to a scale of 28 mm. The 15 mm means what? Thanks for the explanation.

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