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Did the bundles get removed?


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      So I know this is kinda not the forum for this topic, but I didn’t think the alternatives sounded any better, so I’ll give it a shot.

      I noticed this morning that the main site had a slight update, and the links that used to lead to the complete bundles for various sets only return an error page. I was eying the complete-goblin-grotto-$80 one as recently as 2 days ago, but was waiting for my paycheck to arrive today – and now it’s gone.

      I suppose they might always have been intended to be sold for a limited time, but I did find it odd that I couldn’t find similar bundles for older or newer sets either. And the now-missing “This item is part of bundle X”-link on items seem to have disappeared as well.

      So I figured I’d shoot a quick message on here to check if this is intentional and unfortunate-timing on my part, or if it is an error that will get sorted. Just so I know before I start to consider what pieces I’ll have to purchase individually going forward 🙂

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hey Christoffer. The late pledges have now closed as we are gearing up for our next kickstarter, which will launch in a few weeks time. If you have any other queries about this I would message the help desk at [email protected]

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      Edward Gross

      Unfortunate timing on my part as well. I had the Elves and the Port Winterdale sitting in my cart as well waiting for payday (tomorrow)… Oh well, will have to look at what’s available in the next Kickstarter.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      There will be plenty, including the Elves and Port Winterdale sets in the add-ons

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