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designing dungeons


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      Hi i was curious as to what resources exists for designing dungeons?
      i found this but it could use some work and from what i can tell a set of posts talks about it January 2018 and then nothing

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      should probably be a bit more specific with my question
      is there any plans on improving the current builder?
      are there any similar map makers that might be more functional?
      is there any place to discuss and suggest new features for the builder? (such as hide level for better view of lower levels or section copy)

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      That tool would be very welcome indeed.
      Got way to much openlock stuff and trying to mix it with the rampage stuf, but planning everything out is very cumbersome and get’s disorientating if the dungeon is to big.
      (as in try making forge of fury with it disorientating)

      If you could add the files that are bought then the only extra tool needed would be to be able to generate a list of the tiles/walls etc used.

      Perhaps it could be a part of a new kickstarter or as a separate program.
      But preferably of course as a free program to be able to be used by buyers.

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        you can get a list of parts by pressing save and then “Export as list of models”

        an opensource project would also be cool

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      Yes I would be interested in that, any ideas would be welcome

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      I know this is a bit late but you can use the Dungeon Print Studio to design your dungeon. You can also use it to generate a tile list once you have the design laid out. the Rampage tiles are supported in this.

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