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Crypt Floor Expansion

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      Hey Guys,

      I can’t even tell you how much I love your work.
      A few days ago I requested the separation of the crypt brazier from the raiser and you did it within a few days! Absolutely awsome.
      Now I come up with a new suggestion:
      What about a little modification of the E-tile to be able to build more flexibly?
      Attached to this post, you find two files.
      1) a short overview over the 3 already existing tiles (EA, EB & F) and the two new tiles (EC & ED)
      2) a short example of how the new tiles would fit.
      Why these new parts? I think that the EB and F tiles are almost only suitable for the construction of a 2×2 field. Because of the roundness, the combination with the EA part always looks a bit weird.

      Maybe you like the idea and hopefully plan to update the crypt floor set!
      Anyway, please keep up with your awesome work.


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      It’s a well designed suggestion. It’s something we could possibly look at for a second crypt floors set sometime in the nearish future.

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      Gerard van Konijnenburg

      I was just looking at the crypt files and though about the exact same thing. Thank you Alexander for your work in proposing this.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      We will do our best to get this into the next kickstarter

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