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creating and ocatgonal/hexgonal Room with template pieces

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      Ariele Lenzi

      hello team,
      i downloaded your templates and looking at the documentation, but I still can’t get my head around how to build an octagonal or hexagonal shaped room with the pieces in the template.
      i saw some of the previous replies to check the P pieces, but even looking at those i dont understand what the idea is for the connections.

      1) lets say E_A_TRP_v7_5 pieces as my overall center part how do i use the p pieces like (PA_Wall_TRP_v7_3, or PA_Clip_Wall_TRP_v7_3 ) to build the area?
      the clips point outwards, would u be able to post a quick diagram on how to use those pieces?

      2) Another case i can’t get it. if want to have 2 walls at 30 or 45 deg which pieces should I use? which floors should go with that corner?

      any information would be awesome as I’m spending a ton of time trying to decipher the documentation and is very confusing to me.

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      Ariele Lenzi

      so looks like I got the gist of how it works with the P elements. is there a reason y is missing a piece PA that is curved by one side and allows for more A wall to be connected straight? similar to what the PB PC pieces do, but with plugs?

      what should I do with clip pieces? the clip space cannot be cut so the wall can be sculpted. could you please explain to me the what is the rationale there?

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