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Column with three side connections


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      I have gone over the Columns and Buttresses four times now and i am missing a column with connections on three sides. I want to build a tower with G-Walls and two I-Columns and two three side connections to connect my tower to a wall on two sides. Yes i could use a X-Column, but that is not looking that nice on the inside of my tower…

      Well if it is missing i would make it a suggestion 🙂

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      AvatarNicholas Jebson

      Hey Heiko , Which set where you wanting the connector for? We do have a T column in most sets but depending on the set it might not be there.

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      Don’t mean to hijack the thread from Heiko, but I’d personally like to see this added to the Rampage Castle – Columns and Butress set ( if possible. That may be the set being referenced anyway 🙂


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      Sorry i should have been a bit more specific. Rampage Castle – Columns and Butress set, as mrebivens mentioned, is the one i talked about.

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      Sorry for replying to an old topic, but I came here with a similar suggestion.

      I know that T-Columns are not possible for that set because you can only fit in two clips, but what if the T-Column had one or more sides of it made with built in clip sides, so that the configuration would be possible?

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