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Column with three side connections


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      I have gone over the Columns and Buttresses four times now and i am missing a column with connections on three sides. I want to build a tower with G-Walls and two I-Columns and two three side connections to connect my tower to a wall on two sides. Yes i could use a X-Column, but that is not looking that nice on the inside of my tower…

      Well if it is missing i would make it a suggestion 🙂

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hey Heiko , Which set where you wanting the connector for? We do have a T column in most sets but depending on the set it might not be there.

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      Don’t mean to hijack the thread from Heiko, but I’d personally like to see this added to the Rampage Castle – Columns and Butress set ( if possible. That may be the set being referenced anyway 🙂


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      Sorry i should have been a bit more specific. Rampage Castle – Columns and Butress set, as mrebivens mentioned, is the one i talked about.

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      Sorry for replying to an old topic, but I came here with a similar suggestion.

      I know that T-Columns are not possible for that set because you can only fit in two clips, but what if the T-Column had one or more sides of it made with built in clip sides, so that the configuration would be possible?

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      I’d be interested to see what you ended up doing with this. I haven’t bought the fantasy pitch here yet but I’d be buying it for Blitz Bowl if I did. I’m thinking of doing stands/full walls along the long side, then half walls along the short sides with a door in the middle where a dugout would be connected. Print up or paint some numbers onto one side of the stands for the scoring track. Having the stands on only two sides would make it easy to switch between the two types of pitches.

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      An X or T junction would be great. I plan to glue in magnetic clips anyways. If I have to print a bit less clip to fit 8 of them into an X column… so be it!

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      Nicholas Jebson

      We are certainly looking at options especially since the Terrain Tinker app would allow for them to be molded directly to a wall

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      I’ve been looking but I can’t seem to find a T Wall in the Schist set. Am I missing something?

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