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But when is a nice Cyberpunk theme?


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      I mean by now you have said a lot in fantasy, you are the best, you are exploring sci-fi, but a more city-like urban and dirty cyberpunk theme would be really appreciated … especially with the outgoing video game that would be a big ferryman.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      An interesting idea, would be an interesting challenge trying to do some of the classic cyberpunk tropes like the big neon signs and the like. Its not one we have on the cards for the immediate future but definitely one we can look into.

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      I dunno, I would much rather see the “fantasy” models adapted to a parallel line of actual medieval models before they shift focus over to futuristic stuff.

      “Fantasy” is supposed to be “medieval fantasy” and no one in the industry is actually making medieval models, just a mash-up of Renaissance (Tudor) thru the 19th century.
      Lots of historic medieval tabletop battles get played, so it isn’t just about catering to what I’m sure many people would call “niche” TRPG gamers.

      I keep buying the files … but getting more sad and disappointed as the years pass by while the industry continues to leave this unaddressed. 🙁

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      Gentlemanbear, agreed. Also, it is even worse with 3d printable miniature models. Everything is so over the top.

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      Spot-on! Thank you! I get discouraged – so nice to feel validated!

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