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Blood Bowl pitch

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      I’ve been working on printing buildings for an orcish Blood Bowl pitch. They’ve been turning out fairly well, with models from Lost Tribes being featured. I’ve got the Witches Temple as a dugout, Shaman’s Hut for where my KO’d players go to be tended to by Dr. Feelgood and his assistant Mr Brownstone. The burial platform is where the injured and the dead go, with the Tribal Tower being the announce booth for Bob and Jim.

      Orc Blood Bowl pitch

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      Keith Hershey Jr

      That’s pretty cool.

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        Master of Disaster

        I was interested in trying out Blood bowl… do you like it?

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      Matt Barker

      That’s looking great, we also have a stone dungeon pitch to go with that if you painted the tiles in a kind of mud look. Or you can scale up some Rampage tiles.

      Fantasy Football Pitch

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      I love BloodBowl! My female chaos dwarf team took second place last season.

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