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Big & Even Bigger Trees

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      Timothy Reese

      It’d be great to have some variety to trees beyond the gnarled, gloomwood, and mangrove trees. Trees that are really signature are too distinct for me to use repeatedly to serve as a forest, so it’d be great to have different trees that are a little more boring, but more varied in their breed. Maples, oaks, poplars, pines, that sort of thing. Adding the moss to them has worked well for me for PS prints.

      And as a secondary, it’d be wonderful to have particular large trees, matching the general theme of a forest. Not so much a big tree than also has a house in the branches or a giant tree that’s also a jail, just a really big tree with playable surface levels allowing monsters and PC’s to climb it.

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      I’m always for more trees, we’re definitely aware of it. We will be doing more trees.

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      I’d love to replace the sorceror’s tower section with a huge tree. Like the building was built around a redwood or something like that. Right now I’m looking to scratch build something now that the building’s levels are complete but I’d love to see your take on it.

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      That’s definitely something we can look at in the future.

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      Chris Abbey

      Please can you do a modification to the Gloomwood trees for people like me who have a small printer bed size. The maximum height I can print is 150mm, so I have to scale trees down to print, if you just split them in half and put a joint in the middle, I’d be able to print them at full size or even bigger!

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      I would like to see some more scatter tarain that you could make a mor interesting forest floor with like rock formations or perhaps large crystal formations with big mushrooms growing around them (keeping in line with the elvish theme). You could make them flat topped just big enough for a 28 mm base.

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      OOoo the giants causeway would definitely be a cool print

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      @Chris Abbey, I’ve been doing some custom cuts for larger models using this guide and Meshmixer which is availablw for free.

      How to cut STL models for 3D printing in Meshmixer

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