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Beginner question: What PLA to use?

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    Dear Community,
    Just found these great models, and I recently purchased ‘Lost Library of Ithillia’. I read the ‘Additional information’ on the product page, but is says nothing about PLA.
    Can someone from Printable Scenery or from the community give some recommendations which PLA to use? My goal is quality print.
    Thanks in advance!


    My recommendation would be whatever is currently working well in your printer. I use as inexpensive as I can find on Amazon (mostly black Solutech)and have very few problems. I have a friend who swears by Hatchbox and won’t use anything but that. I believe, like paint, it is an individual preference.


    I’ve had great success using Prusament PLA on my Prusa Mk3s. It’s a bit on the pricer end, but you can acquire it from Amazon (mostly) now, or shipping direct is really fast (with a fairly reasonable charge). I generally stick with Black, or Galaxy Black (if not painting).

    I generally print at 0.15 layer height to get some decent details out of the print without it taking ages to print. I also generally downscale to 75% as well.



    Thanks a lot for the answers!


    I always forget about the 0.15mm I like the way 0.1 comes out but well this thing will take you about 6 days like that lol. 0.2 looks fine it depends how anal you are I guess,



    Just came into my mind… What PLA color to choose? For lighter colored buildings, like Lost Library of Ithillia the print color should be white, is this correct?

    Thanks in advance!

    Sam CampbellSam Campbell

    I primarily use dark grey as white and black are too hard to see very well when in progress printing. I prime everything that isn’t translucent filament for painting afterwards

    AvatarTTR Steve

    eSun PLA+ filament gets a lot of recommendations in the 3d printing FB groups I’m in. I’ve just ordered my first spool so I’ll let you know!

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