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Assembly of small printer pieces

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      I printed the base layer of the Tower using the small printer STLs as I have never run a full-day print on my printer and I was also low on filament and didn’t want to run out. Turns out I could have done it, as I had 3 meters of filament left (close!).

      Anyway, the small printer STL files have flat faces with what appears to be pin holes in them, perhaps alignment pins? They seem to match up well without pins, but I wonder if it’s for a connector made using a short segment of filament?


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      Mike Los

      You’re spot on there! Whilst the pieces line up easily without the guide holes, they are designed for a small piece of spare filament to go in like a pin. It gives you that extra little bit of stability and ensures they’re lined up exactly.

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      Thanks Mike for the quick reply!

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