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Aspect of the gods… problems with the details

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      AvatarAdrian Arnold

      Hi all,

      So, I’m currently in the process of printing the specs of the gods, scaled down to 60%. 0.2mm layer height.

      The problem I’m having is the first/ground floor large corner pieces – when they get to the detailed bas relief section, they are having layer slip issues.
      The bricks are printing fine, The section that have the wall only one one piece are printing fine, belt tension is fine, and it’s doing the same thing in the same sections on two printers (both the same model of prusa I3 clone) with different/resliced gcode.

      Anyone have any suggestions – only thing I’ve not tried is dropping the layer height to 0.01 and maybe using supports

      Thanks in advance

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      Sam CampbellSam Campbell

      Can you post pics so I can see where it’s happening?

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      AvatarAdrian Arnold

      Hi Sam

      Pic was too big and can’t shrink it on my tablet 🙁

      Good news though, I seem to have sorted it – dropped the travel jerk speed to the same as the print. Also turned it 45 degrees on the print bed so that the straight edges were not perpendicular to the edges of the bed – meant thinfil was in different location.

      One of those things did the trick 🙂

      Thanks again

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      AvatarNicholas Jebson

      All good, i cleaned it up for you! good to hear it worked second time

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