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Arcane Brush Painting Competition Discussion

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      Mike Los

      Hey everyone!
      Starting this thread for anyone to share their ideas and thoughts on the painting competition.
      The aim for this is to celebrate our hobby and share some of the fantastic work you guys get up to. No matter your skill level, entering painting comps is a great way to test your skills and make something you’re proud of.
      The big question is; what are you going to enter?
      It could be a scene, a single piece, a dungeon, an entire battlefield?! Will it be resin or FDM?

      We also have a wealth of painting guides, printing tips and ideas on our knowledgebase

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      I think I’ll be entering my dino-trees, even if the Hagglethorn trees seemed to have been a big selling point and everyone probably has them printed and painted…

      My Treeceratops is resin printed, but I decided I wanted more texture on the surface, so Brackenosaur is FDM printed (0.2mm layers), and that was still too clean, so Tree Rex is at 0.1mm layers with some not-so-optimized settings that led to a bunch of stringing, especially on the small branches. Heat gun melted the strings but made a really gnarly surface on the branches. I accidentally did this to some minis I printed (badly) but this time I wanted it. The thin layers also caused some warping from heat, so the tail doesn’t sit on the ground, and it’s actually a Bob Ross happy accident. Was trying to get the paint to look like an old American elm or silver maple tree’s bark.

      I just haven’t thought of a good way to stage them. And I’m not sure if some things I did on purpose (like not coloring the eyes to keep them as tree-like as possible) just looks lazy. Brackenosaurus was a lot easier to get the foliage to look nice, Tree Rex’s back still looks a little weird.

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