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Anyone else a little disappointed about Hagglethorn?

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      James Gitzlaff

      Let me preface these comments by saying that I’ve bought a lot of PS models, I’m a big fan, I recommend PS to other people, and I think PS is one of the top few terrain + building designers active today. I was a KS backer of Hagglethorn Hollow. However, I wonder if other people might not share my opinion that HH was a big disappointment. Sure, the painted models look nice enough in a static photo, but in person…:

      1. The buildings reuse components, so there’s a lot of visual sameness about the models. The prefab modularity seems to run contrary to the underlying organic HH design ethos here.
      2. Doors mostly aren’t functional, and windows mostly don’t exist (just faux windows molded on solid PLA).
      3. Most interiors are so oddly shaped that it’s hard to figure out how to stage any of them with miniatures, either for encounters or dioramas.
      4. There is a lot of wasted volume. Sections that could have been playable upper stories often actually are just big solid ”hats” that sit atop the building. A large building model like the Guildhall has only 2-2.5 usable rooms/encounter areas, when you might expect 4-5+ by looking at an exterior photo.

      The HH “ruins” look like they might have more in-game value because they offer a lot more usable detail and potential encounter areas. but as for the regular buildings, after printing the Guildhall fully and reviewing it against other models in the set, it’s hard to see where or how I could use them in a game and probably won’t bother printing out any of the others.
      Bottom line, I guess that HH is intended more for static exterior dioramas than as functional terrain? Am I missing something crucial here? Anyone care to try to change my mind?

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      Mike Los

      Hi James,

      Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback.

      Hagglethorn was a different style of project for us being that the core buildings and range of it wern’t initially designed to be 3D printed, they were hand sculpted from putty and other materials. That hand-sculpted quality means that some shapes and interiors are a bit irregular but that is part of the charm of the range.

      My personal favorites in the range are some of the smaller pieces like the animal enclosures, the garden beds, the well, and fountain. The ancient ruins are a regular feature in my DnD games too. I even printed off some of the garden gnomes at 300% for my garden!
      For playability it depends on what game system you’re playing and how you like to game, I intend to use the ruined buildings for Mordheim soon as I think they”ve got some good spaces for model placement and theres all the walkways and rubble piles to use too.

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