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A couple quick ideas for Rampage Castle

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      For the rampage castle ruin set it would be helpful to have a ruined wall piece that was the size of a column piece. I attached a picture that hopefully describes what I mean, instead of using an “o” column to finish the edge of an exposed wall it would be cooler to have a ruined wall design of the same dimensions as a column piece.

      Another thing I think would be cool would be a piece that could sit on top of the castle wall pieces to give them a textured top. The idea being that you could use the castle wall pieces to make a dungeon, which of course you can do now, but I think having a piece that could snap onto the top of the wall would give it a better aesthetic than just the flat top with the two nubs. For me, it would make the system even more versatile. Its clear in my head how it would work, but a bit tricky to describe so I hope what I’m saying makes sense. I attached a picture of just a room using the castle walls. The idea is to have pieces that would sit on top of the walls to give it a finished look, that could then be removed if using the wall pieces for a multi level structure.

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      That’s an interesting suggestion. It’s something we can definitely look at.

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