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Dungeons Factory

thank u

Hello to all.
Our crowdfunding campaign for The Lost Corridors – CastleLock, our role-playing miniatures sets, is now over and quite successful.
We are very happy because the confidence of all the participants is a great victory for our small team in the South of France.

We would like to thank them for supporting us during this campaign.

Thanks to them, this project was able to be completed and they will finally be able to discover their pack, at home, under their 3d printers and their brushes.

We would also like to thank you on this forum for hosting our announcements for the past few weeks.

We would like to tell you that we will be able to breathe a little, but in reality, we will be back very soon.
A new collection of Steampunk-sf decor tiles is already in production and we are finalizing for this fall, no doubt, our new project for 2022, a complete game.
This one, powered by original rules made in Dungeons Factory, will allow you to play the basic rules with our dungeon tiles and the advanced rules like a role-playing game, with Game Master, screen, pizzas and all the necessary jets of dice.

But anyway, we will keep you informed throughout this Post-funding period.
See you soon and a big thank you to everyone (and to you, of course).

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