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I think I’ll be entering my dino-trees, even if the Hagglethorn trees seemed to have been a big selling point and everyone probably has them printed and painted…

My Treeceratops is resin printed, but I decided I wanted more texture on the surface, so Brackenosaur is FDM printed (0.2mm layers), and that was still too clean, so Tree Rex is at 0.1mm layers with some not-so-optimized settings that led to a bunch of stringing, especially on the small branches. Heat gun melted the strings but made a really gnarly surface on the branches. I accidentally did this to some minis I printed (badly) but this time I wanted it. The thin layers also caused some warping from heat, so the tail doesn’t sit on the ground, and it’s actually a Bob Ross happy accident. Was trying to get the paint to look like an old American elm or silver maple tree’s bark.

I just haven’t thought of a good way to stage them. And I’m not sure if some things I did on purpose (like not coloring the eyes to keep them as tree-like as possible) just looks lazy. Brackenosaurus was a lot easier to get the foliage to look nice, Tree Rex’s back still looks a little weird.

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