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Moving to the rear again we have a bigger picture. At the right rear corner of the inn which is the left side of the picture there is a narrow tower.

Level one of the tower is the peasants throne room. Level 2 of the tower is a place to throw unruly drunks until they sleep it off. Level 3 and 4 are more Toilets for the Tavern above. There are holes inside the walls so the waste is not dropping on peoples heads.

On level 2 there is a small knockout with a window. This is the area where the stable boys sleep in harsh weather. The upper windows provide a nice view for the tavern patrons and light for the kitchen crew.

A door visible on the 2nd floor balcony towards the left leads into the 2nd floor Stables and there is another door hard to see on the right side of the 2nd floor balcony that leads to the Provisioner.

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