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Beginning to move around the left side of the building. All still schist walls and columns from the Clorehaven KS along with some Wooden Balcony walls beginning to peek in.

I developed a technique for large structures. I secure the floor and wall tiles to 1/8″ chip board with Liquid Nail construction cement. The Chip board is pre-cut to the size of the building and any access holes are also pre-cut. I secure it all by placing another board on top of the walls and then usually some cases of coke or a 5 gallon bucket more than 1/2 full of water. This ensures the ‘layer’ is flat and can be stacked easily. So the dividers between floors are the 1/8″ chip board for support.

You can see the well out front of the Inn used for watering the horses and other chores around the Inn.

I wonder what that shady gentlemen is doing loitering about the place….

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