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Michael Potter

I fixed the “deep” issue to make the pantry the 10 feet wide it is on the map (the kitchen and entryway are off the same). The Pantry/entryway are also not wide enough by 5 feet, that is the next thing I will fix. The result will be the pantry will be 10 feet by 15 feet.

From the doorway to the kitchen to the far wall in the tap room, the map has that at 50 feet. The build plan here is at 32.5 feet, so close to 20 feet missing. Making the pantry/entry 5 feet bigger leaves 15 feet for the taproom. 5 feet goes along the back (the notch with the stairs is 10 feet in the map). I am thinking the other 10 feet will be right in the middle.

“Fixing” the bottom floor obviously means all the floors above need to be fixed as well. The original build is great and looks stunning, I am just trying to be closer to the original map. The build has a few other differences (turret is smaller and missing a ground floor door. This is partially because I assum that Matt wanted to show off using the pie slice floors. That I will not fix as I am only doing the first floor and maybe the balconies. The build has windows where there are only walls, but the book also encourages players to completely remodel the place and the places where Matt added windows makes sense for light.

I am having fun with this and will post pictures and describe what extra pieces I used.

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