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I’m also trying to match the Pantone colours to the Dulux system (I’m from the UK), which has been pretty easy to do using their app.
I saved the Pantone C (coated) colour swatches from the Pantone website and then used the Dulux app to find the closest match based on the saved photo, to avoid introducing any colour variation by taking photos. I know there will be some discrepancy based on the fact these are hex values, however they should be close enough for this purpose.
What I wasn’t expecting though were so many similar colours.
In the video, Johnny only has 9 pots of paint and he seems to reuse some of the colours while painting the models.
The Pantone list contains 15 different colours!

I also noticed in the YouTube video, the first base colour Johnny uses is a cream/light brown colour, more like Citadel’s Zandri Dust. He says that it is the same as Citadel’s Steel Legion Drab, however that is a much darker brown. Did he get this confused, or is the video colour, way, way off?

It would be great to have a list of what colours were used by the factory for the original parts.

Otherwise I guess it will be a case of look at the pictures and go with what looks good.

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