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UPDATE: I noticed I left off the Pantone color numbers for the Thatch; here is the original list in the post:
Tile Roofs – 7628, 7580
Thatch Roofs – 458, 460
Rope (Rigging on Thatch Roof) – 615
Windows and Doors – 467
Wood (Walls and Framing) – 464
Brick Walls – 7501, 7499
Cobble Floors and Walkways – 7539, 457
Spackling (wall plaster – stippling) – 7500 (mix 50% White)
Rock – 7536
Stone (Stretch Goal Statues) 7539, 428

UPDATE 2: I had a hard time when I went to find the color swatches at Home Depot; many of them were no longer available. I found a paint store with a Pantone color book, and went to their paint chip section to find equivalents, and it was nearly impossible. I took pictures of the Pantone chips that go with the numbers given by Tabletop Troubadour, and tried to locate color swatches with a different paint and store brand using the same process.

Ultimately, I am not sure the factory paints can be matched exactly; I would just go by the painting Hagglethorn instructional video, keeping in mind that the wet paints in the video will be lighter than when it dries, and also that the given Pantone colors *MAY* be based on a finished piece, rather than the original pre-stain paints. Just keep in mind that following JFA’s method will give the closest results, whatever paints you end up finding. I plan to do some experimenting with pre- and post-stain paint looks, and if I can find a set of named paints in any brand that match, I will share those here, but for now, I am just wishing I had a factory original to use as a guide. Also I tried to edit my original post, but that’s not allowed, so I added this update, and may have to add another one as these experiments progress.

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