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For terrain printing I highly recommend the Voxelab Aquila, which is a Ender 3 v2 Clone, but actually has some good improvements from the Ender 3. Its available on amazon for £170. I have been able to get very good results with it, and it has good upgrade paths to add things such as auto bed levelling sensors and filament run out sensors in the future should you want them. In my opinion the Prusa’s are overpriced for what they are and you can easily get great results from much cheaper printers with some tuning and experience. These are all the more standard printer you may have seen which use the Fuse Deposition Modelling (FDM) method.

With regards to miniature printing, i would recommend you get a resin (SLA) printer for them, as you will get much better fine detail results with one of them, there are a lot of good printers available in that space also in the £170-200 range, Elegoo Mars or the Voxelab Proxima have both been good printers for myself.

Hope that helps

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