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“When the Kickstarter launched there were not as many options for modular printable buildings. There has just been so much development in the industry in the last 2.5 years;”

This is my frustration too. This set was extremely unique at the time, but there are so many options now. Today, I feel like it’s still unique as they are stackable and it’s art style. Maybe only countered by sets that have individual pieces that can be “lego’d” (scientific term) together.

Again, I want this set. I think it still has it’s charm…..but its been a REALLY long time.

I understand the fear of letting physical backers feeling shafted, but there is a big difference between that product and filament printed set. Of course, today resin printing is getting larger and more affordable, so maybe I’m wrong about that now. But printed sets still need to be painted, so there’s that to consider.

My shelf is running out of space for terrain. Please take my money! If not for me, think of the children!

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