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Heres the latest update. Now if we could just get Printablescenery’s input………
Tabletop Troubadour GamesCreator

February 13, 2021
Hello backers, this is just a quick update for our backers in the USA and Canada.

We have been informed that our USA and Canadian backers are now receiving confirmation emails from our fulfilment company, QML. This is of course very exciting for all, however soon after these emails were sent, it was realised they used an older version of the address database. Please double-check the address when you are asked to verify. We expect that QML will likely do an additional round of e-mail checks just to be certain.

Thanks again everyone, and if you have not received an email and you are based in the USA, please DM us and we can follow up on any concerns or confirmations for you.

For all our backers and late pledges, we strongly encourage you all to double-check the address info when you receive verification emails from fulfilment companies.

Thanks everyone,

The TTG Team

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