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This is a great improvement in flexibility, but having to have a band of stone or wood beam imbedded in what should be a plain expanse of masonry for every 10ft of wall height as shown in the photos for those items is frustrating. I’m curious why they were designed that way.
They certainly weren’t built that way, way back then.
I have a similar problem with stacking buttresses, too. One course of buttress pieces alone on the ground floor doesn’t even begin to cut it. .
Come to think of it, the same is true of pillars in general.
We should be able to cluster them up to 2in wide, maybe 3, and stack. them as high as we need, and there should be a half-height pillar for using in stone cellars/dungeons, to support the arches of the cross-vaulting or barrel vaults. Just the ribs are needed, so as not to obscure visibility, but masonry vaulting was of huge importance all the way through the Victorian era.

It doesn’t seem like this would take that much work to from where you are to get there …
What are your thoughts?

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