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Really looking forward to this next kickstarter. You guys make amazing designs, and the Clorehaven building (if it’s indeed a modular tudor-building set) is exactly what I was hoping for. Being able to design a tavern to fit roleplaying needs is so crucial, given where half of adventures start out anyway! I will be really interested in whether you will have any pieces for temples/churches/monasteries, as currently the gothic patterns, while gorgeous, are too ostentatious for your local church. It would be great to have something “in between”. Will you have modular ruins for Clorehaven buildings? That would be ideal for those looking to make settings in Ravenloft, or AOS undead armies & etc.

I’m sure there are bigger fans of goblins than I, but what really appeals to me about the Grottos potential is having more “negative space” for water/lava/acid/abyss. Making stalagmite structures connected by rope bridges would be an awesome counterpart to the elven eyries.

Keep up the great work!

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