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Mike Melander

Not sure what you mean as far as simple laneways. There are so many interconnectable tiles available that I use for just laying out streets and the interconnection and laying them flat that are available from this site and I have developed my own. You can have the feel of the city without having to have all the buildings and other scenery. Combining existing flat tiles into longer tiles is also very easy too do as well. Couple of seconds in a ton of free software and done.

Here is a link on this site for purchasing roads. I am not a moderator or connected to printable scenery. Not sure how these don’t meet your needs. I strongly recommend the first link shown. They are very affordable and easy to put together for large roads.

OpenLOCK Hex Layout Roads

Roads and Telegraph poles

Here are some that I have developed with and without openlock. These without openlock are pretty quick to print. Of course, there are many others on the web. Including a few more that I have developed.

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