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Mike Melander

Hey I have done a ton of scatter designs for my campaigns and make my own designs and that includes quite a few terrain pieces with openLOCK. It is all free on Thingiverse. I have a ton of downloads as it is so I won’t push it here and will remain anonymous. So I am constantly thinking of designs that I would like to make or have made. Since I have a job that is unrelated I don’t have time to create all the things I would like. So here goes a few ideas:
1) Open Bazaar with interconnected stalls or sales areas. I am sure you can think of all the magic and armor and food and other items that you could have that could be easily interconnected in a Medieval Bazaar
2) Shops of all types.
3) More emphasis on interconnected tunnels going in all directions. I created stackable sewer tiles, but I am sure you can get quite a few of your own ideas.
4) More Egyptian themed structures. Imagine a stackable pyramid with different passages and tombs inside.

I have a list of 60 other items, but this is a start.

And staying anonymous is a partial joke since I used a portion of my name to purchase a kickstarter from Printable Scenery.

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