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Faq – Printable Scenery Campaign

What do I get when I purchase a campaign bundle?

When you purchase a campaign bundle, you will receive all the models listed in the bundle as soon as they become available. As a purchaser, you can comment on and influence the creation of new models. A campaign bundle is essentially a pre-order for all the downloadable models listed in the campaign bundle. Click on the models tab to see the models in the different campaign bundles

How are more models added to the campaign bundle?

The campaign begins with a great set of models, and as more customers join, we will add more models to the campaign bundles. Keep an eye on the campaign page to see which models could be added, and leave comments and suggestions.

When will the ‘coming soon’ models be available?

The coming soon button means that the model is currently being worked on and will be available soon to the campaign bundles. All the models will be completed within five months of the campaign’s end date. The ‘Add to Cart’ button means that the model can be downloaded now.

Is this crowdfunding?

No, this is not a crowdfunding campaign. This is a bundle campaign. The models marked as ‘add to cart’ are available to download as soon as you purchase the campaign bundle, and all the models listed as ‘coming soon’ are guaranteed to be available for download within five months of the campaign end date.

How do I get my files?

Once you have purchased a campaign bundle, you will see the available models in that campaign are $0.00. Process the products through your cart, and you will receive a link to download the models.

What are the models?

Models are 3d printable models or sets of 3D printable models that you can download and print on your home 3D Printer. They are delivered as digital STL files.

What 3d Printer should I get – (Size of build plate)?

We recommend getting an FDM printer with at least an 8″ x 8″ x 8″ printer bed. This will allow you to print all the models.

How do you provide small printer cuts for buildings?

The buildings are designed to be printed on an FDM printer that is supportless and optimized for a printer bed with a print volume of 200mm x 200mm x 200mm.
We will be providing small printer cuts at 120mmx120mmx120mm. Supports may be required for small printer cuts.
If you require smaller cuts, you can follow this guide. How to cut your models

How do I get physical models if I don’t have a printer?

Printable Scenery creates digital STL files for 3D Printers; if you want to purchase physical models from our licensed printers, you can find a link (get it Printed) on each product page.

Will you be providing pre-supports for resin printers?

Yes, where we expect people to print models in resin, we will provide the model with pre-supports. You will also be able to generate your supports in the slicer if you wish.

What if I want memberships from previous campaigns?

You can buy bundles from previous campaigns as add-ons, which will be available immediately. The ‘All 3’ campaign bundles are only available during the campaign

Who is Printable Scenery? – We were the first 3D-printable wargaming and RPG terrain site in the world. We have had many successful campaigns and have had great reviews from around the world based on the quality, detail, and design of our models.

Can I buy the products directly?

Yes, you can purchase the models individually; however, the best pricing is always via our Campaigns Bundles

In summary

When an individual purchases a campaign bundle, they gain access to a collection of digital 3D printable models released over five months after the campaign’s end. These models can be downloaded and printed on a 3D printer. Several bundles are available, each offering a different set of models.

The campaign runs for 30 days, during which individuals can participate by purchasing one or more bundles and can provide feedback and suggestions during the campaign. As more individuals purchase the campaign bundles, additional models are added. Models marked as “coming soon” indicate works in progress, with all listed models guaranteed to be completed within five months after the campaign concludes.

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