Rampage System with OpenLOCK

Rampage System is a beautifully designed scenery building system for Skirmish Games and Roleplaying Games. It is designed to be printed on any home 3D printer. Rampage System walls and floors are sculpted by film industry artists and offer unprecedented versatility, choice and range

OpenLOCK is an Open Source scenery building system, developed by printable scenery that allows other 3D designers to create interchangeable scenery parts that are compatible. OpenLOCK is now used by other major designers like Masterwork tools and True Tiles

Rampage System with OpenLOCK was launched on the 18th October 2016 and is the original side locking clip.


Rampage System wins a Product Design Award at the International A’Design Awards for the Toys Hobbies and Games Category

Wall to Floors

Rampage System uses OpenLOCK to connect the walls to the floors, so you can mix and match to make amazing combinations. This will allow you to make any building or dungeon

Truly Modular

A truly modular system means that you can combine any wall-floor configuration and it will tessellate perfectly. For example a D-wall can be swaped out with any other D-wall and it will fit perfectly


Rampage and OpenLOCK will always be  backwards compatible, so your old tiles will always work with any new tiles.  We also make 3/4 floor tiles so that you can use Rampage system with the ‘2 inch Wall-on-Floor’ style tiles


An open source system is great for gamer as it means they can mix and match parts from various designers. If your a designer you can get the complete source pack hereImage courtesy of Openforge

Quality Sculpts

We put a lot of attention into the detail of our sculpts. Each piece is hand sculpted in a 3D application so that we get an organic looking model. Check out our range and see for yourself.

Massive Range

With over 100 sets to choose from, Rampage System allows you to make virtually any configuration you want, From Sewers and Mines to Crypts and trapped halls.

Rampage Examples

Rampage with OpenLOCK is like ‘lego’ for big kids. You can build a wide variety of structures from Sci-Fi to Fantasy. Then disassemble and re-use the parts.

There is a huge selection available, so you can print the parts that you need.

The video above explains how to layout dungeons.

The images on the right show  examples of what can be done with Rampage.

You can also check out our Facebook and Instagram to see more examples

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This is just the begining

This is just the beginning. Rampage Castles arrived in 2017, featuring side and top locking clips that allow you to make complex fortifications. We are already working on our next Kickstarter, it will launch at the end of the 2017.

3D printing has given our hobby a whole new dimension. Its a hobby within a hobby. There is something especially satisfying about waking up to a new plastic model every morning

We intend to continue to innovate and improve our products. We keep our goal very simple…

‘To make the best 3D printable scenery in all the worlds’