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Nicholas Jebson

Hey Vinit, Absolutely.

If you’re looking to print only miniatures rather than terrain then you definitely want to go for a resin printer (SLA printer). Resin printers print at 0.05mm layers as opposed to .1-.2 of an FDM filament printer so the details on the model will be much better. As far as specs with the resin printers go generally you are looking at the LCD screen that will fire the UV light into the resin to cure it and build the model. you are starting to see 4K and 8K resolution printers on the market, with some of the bigger printers starting to get quite affordable. If you want one that can do some larger miniatures in one go you should check out the Phrozon Sonic Mighty 4K. We use it here in the office and we have had no personal issues with it.

I’m not as well versed on the resins themselves, but the better the quality of the resin the better the print. I have seen a huge difference between resins designed specifically for 4K printers and ones that haven’t. However it is not as huge a difference as FDM quality, so it’s good enough for miniatures.

A note with Resin is that it is toxic if you get it on your skin when it is in its liquid form. You will need to grab some good quality Nitrile gloves and some safety goggles for when you’re handling the prints. When cleaning resin from the finished print as well you will generally need some high percentage Isopropyl alcohol. Give the prints a bath in that for an hour or so after it’s done then take any of the supports off and place it in the sun or under a UV lamp to finish curing and they will be ready to go!

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