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Nicholas Jebson

Ahhh, that is a photon S, so the slightly larger one.

There are small printer cuts that are designed for 120 x 120 x 120 FDM printers in the Clean_Winterdale_tavern_sliced folder in the tavern pack, however the Photon S has a 115 X 65 X 165. I set the prussa slicer to show me if it could fit and on the most part it does when flipped on its side and set to 90% scale. At 100% the larger sections are just out due to the top-locking pin sticking over the plate. I have included an image to show what i mean. The only exception is the roof parts 3 and 4. they are just too large to be flipped on its side to print and would have to be scaled down to 80% to fit the plate. The roofs are also quite thick so a hollowing could be beneficial there, as well as under the stairs in base 4.

We generally don’t cut for the small resin printers, mainly as the larger buildings would cost quite a bit in resin and up until now small resin printers have been fairly niche. Though as they are now becoming more prevalent our small printer cuts may change in the future to accommodate them.

The two options I can see in the interim are either doing a quick cut of the top locking pins to print the small printer cuts at 100%, and do a quick cut and hollow in meshmixer straight down the middle of the roof sections, or you could scale it down to 80%. those are probably the quickest options for your situation.

I’m sorry I cant be more helpful atm

base 4 top locking pin sticking out
roof slightly too large

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