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Dungeons Factory

Hello, everyone.

Today is the eighteenth day of crowdfunding for the “The Lost Corridors” project on Kickstarter.
A lot has happened since the launch and we are very pleased with the trust and follow-up of the participants, who are increasingly numerous and active.
We sincerely thank them and we always do more to offer them a rich, diverse and quality result.

We wanted to communicate to you the small advances of this adventure which for us is the first on this platform and exceeds our expectations.

But we will also take this opportunity to communicate to you the few informative elements we were able to produce during this busy period.
We are preparing many projects that would not have been possible without the support of all those involved.
Certainly, we know that nothing is really done before January 9 and that is why we remain active and listening to you to constantly improve our current offer.

Thus, since the launch of the Kickstarter, the “bakers” have been offered, as a free bonus, two new pieces of decor.
A third will be produced when the poll we launched on Facebook has determined the choice of voters.
If you want to join this vote and determine what the next decor tile will be offered as a gift to participants, it is here:

In addition, no less than three “stretch goals” have been released and the next one is very close to his release.
These pieces, among the most beautiful of the collection are additions to each category of 3d printable floorplans (floor, wall and built-in parts).

Today, the financing exceeded 400%, thanks to the investment of many players from France and the United States, but also from Germany, Spain from Canada, Australia, etc…
We are very proud that this project has touched all these countries, the tabletop RPG is a great vector and is represented all over the world, it was also one of the hopes of this project.
We always do our communication in French and in English, and in this regard, to answer a question that has often been asked of us, yes, the 16-page scenario delivered with the third pack and specially designed to be played with our dungeon tiles, will be delivered in pdf version French and English.

For the other questions we have been asked, particularly about 3d printing methods and other technical aspects, we have produced this short guide available at this address (only in french, for now):

We are also present on social networks, through:


If the content is currently in development, you can already contact us on the platforms you prefer to use.

The adventure does not stop there, it continues for the moment on Kickstarter but after the end of the crowdfunding, it will be question for us, in the “dungeon factory” to pursue it in a new form.

As of January, the Dungeons Factory website will open its doors.

You will find brand new projects and an online shop specializing in role-playing accessories and game aids.
We’ll tell you more in the next few days.

Thank you for your attention, see you very soon!

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