Gothic Abby


A Ruined Gothic Abby will often have a serene feel about, as the once harsh lines of Gothic Architecture are overcome by the slow creep of moss and vine. 

The Gothic Abby is a large 4 part model, designed  to be printed in 4 parts and assembled. As the set is pre-OpenLOCK the pieces must be glued together. Also included are ruin components that can be scattered around it.

The set works well with almost any sort of Wargame, from Bolt Action, to Warhammer 40k and Frostgrave.

This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3d Printer. The files are set to 28mm scale but can be rescaled before printing

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  • 29 June 2017 – 1.0 Small mesh repairs to Gothic-Cathedral-bits-B-v1.0, Gothic-Cathedral-small-B-v1.0, Gothic-Cathedral-v1.0


  • These files will print without supports
  • Right click and download the reference sheet below.

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  1. Simon Layton (verified owner)

    Is it possible to print the gothic-cathedral-v31 on a wahhao duplicator i3 as one piece? I loaded the file in cura and it seems to fit (only just) once you remove the raft or brim but it wont produce the gcode file.

    • Matthew Barker

      It will be too big, it’s a really big model. I would shrink it down slightly or print as separate parts

  2. Daniel Joelsson (verified owner)

    Does this print need supports or can it print without? Your pages usually specify, but this one does not.

    • Matthew Barker

      This prints without supports, the gothic windows are a perfect design for unsupported 3d printing

  3. Matthew Holland (verified owner)

    I’ve already printed mine and love it, but one thing I wish I had was the ability to use openlock clips to hold the 4 parts together. (I don’t want to super glue for storage reasons)

    • Rex Foot

      The Abby has been designed to be glued together, and is a standalone piece. We currently do not have any plans to make an OpenLOCK version.

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