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@Matt Barker: On the Wizard Tower I used Vallejo Royal Purple for the base color on the roof followed up with Alien Purple as a highlight.
On the other tower roof I used Vallejo Beasty brown with Vallejo Gory Red of it sparingly. The Bolts were the first Silver metallic in arms reach.
Both towers were primed with a $5 Krylon Primer and I used Anchirite Grey followed up with Splashes of Vallejo Light Grey. To add some visual interest I added
some random sprays of Olive Grey. All Vallejo colors.
The browns I don’t recall but I didnt use anything to fancy. The first Vallejo light and dark browns I saw. I don’t favor Vallejo paints but they just happen to be
extras in a box of paints I don’t use anymore which are perfect for these larger terrain projects.

: Don’t get a cheap brush, get something around $150-200 (I use a Grex Xgi). Make sure you get compressor with a tank as well. Ultimately I just practiced and these terrain prints are perfect for fast, easy ways of getting practice with high results. There also a lot of painting videos out there on Youtube.

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