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Ruined Norman Stone Keep

From war or time the Ruined Norman Keep provides realistic damage to its counterpart. Printing in 3 floors provides accessibility during gameplay and is easier to pick out details in its large rubble-strewn piles. Like the un-ruined versions, it can combine with the Ruined Norman Fort and Manor.

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Stone Mason

The Stone Mason includes two miniatures, a master and an apprentice, along with their trade’s essential tools and equipment. All the Stone Mason models are printed in resin and come with pre-supported files for printing in 28mm scale.

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Wattle and Daub Stone Manor

The Norman Manor Wattle & Daub version features an alternate second floor featuring a style popular throughout the medieval and middle ages. It seamlessly fits the tiled roof with locking pins, allowing it to be removed to access the detailed interior.

The bottom floor is the same as the original Norman Stone Manor.

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Ruined Highland Stone Barn

Based on Leanach Cottage, the Ruined Highland Stone Barn is a single piece building designed for wargames and RPGs. It features full interior detail including a fireplace and rubble piles, with plenty of room for miniatures to be placed in and around it to take cover. It represents a destroyed version of the Highland Stone Barn that could be swapped out mid-game.

Also check out the non-ruined version here.

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Norman Stone Barn

The Norman Stone Barn is a small structure with a removable thatched roof and hinged door for access. It also comes with a separate wooden log stack that sits against the building. The logs are unattached and fully detailed, allowing you to use this alongside other pieces, adding character to your tabletop.

Also check out the ruined version here.

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