The Lost Islands, All In, Late Pledge


Lost Islands All-In

Lost Islands All-In Pledge contains all the pledges and all the stretch goals. From the recient Lost Islands Kickstarter.

It also includes all the bonus items.

Each pledge is delivered as an STL file pack to print on your home 3D printer.

Available: In stock


This also includes all the stretch goals below and ALL the models in the LOST ISLANDS Kickstarter



  1. arren.schlerf

    Are you no longer doing the lost island and winterport only pledge? Is it just the all in pledge now?

    • Matt Barker

      Yes the All-In Pledge is the only one available as a late pledge

  2. johnnyrevo71

    can I buy just one of the add ons or do I need to buy the lost island late pledge to buy add ons

    • Matt Barker

      Yes, You can just buy the add-ons

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