Rampage Tower with Hoarding Assembley

Rampage Castle Tower with Hoarding

Refer to Instructions for building the Rampage Castle Tower before building the Hoarding.

Hoarding components that you need to print (Print these parts at 2 micron).

  • 4 x RPG-Hoarding-Roof
  • 4 x¬†RPG-A-Hoarding
  • 4 x RPG-Hoarding Corner
  • 4 x RPG-Hoarding-Roof-Corner


5 responses to “Rampage Tower with Hoarding Assembley”

  1. shain says:

    Hello, what set are the hoarding pieces from?

  2. tamarack928 says:

    at the end you add the wooden walls – where are the L columns to support these walls? I can’t find them in the rampage bundle or in other sets.

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