Rampage Round Castle Tessellation

With Rampage Castle System you can build a wide variety of structures. Below are some examples of the round tower tesselation

Corner Towers

The round corner towers can be made using the E-floor/A-wall tile for the ramparts and G-floor /F-wall for the corner tower.

I’ll add some more plans on how you can make the castle below

Round Tower with Buttress

The image below shows you how to use the FC and FB floor tiles to allow room for the buttress.






12 responses to “Rampage Round Castle Tessellation”

  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks for posting this! That’s a really good way to handle what I had in mind, just need to replace some of the walls with arrow slits and use battlements up top.

    Will it also work with the larger towers walls?

    • Matthew Barker says:

      Yes it will work if you use the V floors and X Walls for the towers and then the U floors. However, the castle will be huge. The towers will be 8-inch diameter so the entire castle will end up about 32-inch across.

      • Bryan Deemer says:

        Sounds perfect! Castles should be huge!

      • Josee Labrecque says:

        Is there a way to get the 8-inch diameter tower with buttresses? Is there a larger scale version of the FC floor (basically a V floor equivalent of the FC floor)?

        • Matt Barker says:

          No, there isn’t this piece yet, but you could make it if you attach a Q Floor to a V Floor

          • Josee Labrecque says:

            That’ll work! Thanks Matt!

          • Josee Labrecque says:

            Hi Matt, I’m having trouble getting the config right for an 8-inch diameter tower with buttresses. I tried adding the Q floor as you mentioned yet something seems missing… Any chance you can do a quick sketch of the pieces I would need?


        • Matt Barker says:

          Using the Q Floor with a V Floor is a workaround. The issue will be that you don’t have complete connections all the way around. One option is to glue a Q floor onto the end on the V Floor. This will make a New ‘V+Q’ Floor. I can make some of these at a later date as we did with the F Floors

  2. John Fallara says:

    Request to add an X wall with a single centered arrow slit? The current one only has three slits.

  3. Jeff Tremblay says:

    Matt, any plans to release peaked round rooftops for the top of round towers instead of using battlements? I’m not saying I would throw all my money at you for it but that’s exactly what I’m saying.

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