Printer Setting for the Prusa i3 Mk2

I have outlined my settings for Cura. You can apply this information to other slicers. I have only commented on the settings that I’ve changed from the default settings.

Download link to my setting file for Cura Version 1.15 INI FILE Set for PLA

Basic Settings


  • Layer height: Most of our models are printed at .2 layer height. Some of the smaller more detailed parts are printed at .1
  • Shell Thickness: .8 is a good shell thickness (this must be a multiple of the nozzle size)
  • Fill Density: I use 10% for most models. If the model has thin parts that require strength like the door frames, then set it to 25%. Make sure you set the ‘prints after infill’ to ON. Otherwise, you will see banding on your model.  printing-sungeon-tiles-settings-3
  • Bottom/Top Thickness: increase this to at least .8 as this makes sure you have a good solid top and bottom on your model.
  • Temp: Temperature set for PLA
  • Build Plate: Build plate temperature is increased slightly to help bed adhesion, but this depends on the ambient temperature of the room
  • Supports: I always use a brim as it’s a good chance to see if the Z is at a good height when the print begins. It also helps with adhesion. I sometimes use a raft for delicate tall objects. 



  • Initial Layer linewidth: set to 100%. Important for parts that connect to other parts, like the OpenLOCK clips
  • Initial Layer Thickness: this can be set higher when printing at a fine detail like .1. I often set this to .2







2 responses to “Printer Setting for the Prusa i3 Mk2”

  1. stevothedivo says:

    What TYPE of support do you recommend (zigzag, line, grid, concentric etc…) please for Prusa style printer (a Cocoon Create in particular if that helps any/makes any difference)? Ta – Steven

    • Matt Barker says:

      I normally use the line TYPE, but I haven’t tried any of the others. It’s also a good idea to play with the support distance away from the model so its easily removed. this is dependant on your filament and other settings. You need to experiment a bit.

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