Printer Setting for the Prusa i3 Mk2

I have outlined my settings for Cura. You can apply this information to other slicers. I have only commented on the settings that I’ve changed from the default settings.

Download link to my setting file for Cura Version 1.15 INI FILE Set for PLA

Basic Settings


  • Layer height: Most of our models are printed at .2 layer height. Some of the smaller more detailed parts are printed at .1
  • Shell Thickness: .8 is a good shell thickness (this must be a multiple of the nozzle size)
  • Fill Density: I use 10% for most models. If the model has thin parts that require strength like the door frames, then set it to 25%. Make sure you set the ‘prints after infill’ to ON. Otherwise, you will see banding on your model.  printing-sungeon-tiles-settings-3
  • Bottom/Top Thickness: increase this to at least .8 as this makes sure you have a good solid top and bottom on your model.
  • Temp: Temperature set for PLA
  • Build Plate: Build plate temperature is increased slightly to help bed adhesion, but this depends on the ambient temperature of the room
  • Supports: I always use a brim as it’s a good chance to see if the Z is at a good height when the print begins. It also helps with adhesion. I sometimes use a raft for delicate tall objects. 



  • Initial Layer linewidth: set to 100%. Important for parts that connect to other parts, like the OpenLOCK clips
  • Initial Layer Thickness: this can be set higher when printing at a fine detail like .1. I often set this to .2







8 responses to “Printer Setting for the Prusa i3 Mk2”

  1. stevothedivo says:

    What TYPE of support do you recommend (zigzag, line, grid, concentric etc…) please for Prusa style printer (a Cocoon Create in particular if that helps any/makes any difference)? Ta – Steven

    • Matt Barker says:

      I normally use the line TYPE, but I haven’t tried any of the others. It’s also a good idea to play with the support distance away from the model so its easily removed. this is dependant on your filament and other settings. You need to experiment a bit.

  2. rblais85 says:

    Any chance to have an updated version of this for the mk3? Also will this work with the current version of Cura?

    • Sam Campbell says:

      For the Prusa mk3 our recommended settings are for the Slic3r Prusa edition, which is free to download. For most things printing at .2 is good, with 10% infill and a 4 layer raft. For detail and small printing .1 with 10% infill and a 4 layer raft.

      For the mk2, which we still recommend using Cura.

  3. dauragon says:

    How do you use that ini file?

    • Sam Campbell says:

      You can download that ini file and save it to your local computer. In the Cura menu go to file, then open profile and select the ini file you downloaded and click open.

  4. dauragon says:

    Or can we have the settings for the new version of Cura 3.5 please.

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