Preparing the stone barn for dry brushing

This step by step guide will show you how to prepare the stone barn for dry brushing.

For more information on dry brushing, please check out the speed dry brushing tutorial.

  1. Print the stone barn and roof with supports ‘switched off’ at 0.2. Print the doors on a ‘raft’ at 0.1.

2. Carefully using a craft knife cut off stringy plastic, take care not to break the upright parts.

3. Spray a good layer of black matt primer covering the whole model. Primer is important because it sticks to the plastic and creates a surface that paint can stick to.

4. Scrape around door frames to clean any flashing or stringy plastic.

We design many of our models with built-in with supports; these can be cut out. You can also leave them in as they look like wooden beams.

For this example they will need to be cut out so you can use the clip-in doors.

5. Windows can be left in or cut out.

6. The doors will click into place by putting the bottom in first and then sliding the top, to slot in. The holes for the door hinges need to be clear first. Use a 2mm drill to do this.


7. The Army Warpaints used to dry brush the stone barn.


8. The stone barn colours are dry brushed with Dungeon Grey as a base, highlighted with Castle Grey and highlighted thirdly with Ash Grey. The stone roof is dry brushed with Werewolf as base and highlighted with banshee brown.

‘Dry brushing’ is a painting technique in which a paint brush is relatively dry, but still holds paint.

To dry-brush; First, dip the brush in the paint and then wipe off excess paint onto a paper towel till the brush is nearly dry. Brush quickly over the model, this will add highlights and texture. You can repeat process with a lighter different color to add more highlights.

9. The doors, windows and wooden support poles around the stone barn are dry brushed in Dirt Spatter, highlighted in Banshee Brown. You can see in the picture the distinction between the base and highlighted parts.

10. The moss on the stone barn roof is dry brushed with Goblin Green, highlighted with Snake Scales.

11. The finished stone barn with the added flock around bottom edges of the stone barn.

Note: Add PVA glue around the bottom edges of the stone barn, then add flock to finished the effect of added moss and grass.








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