What is OpenLOCK ?

OpenLOCK is an open-source building system that allows miniature scenery designers to design amazing cross-compatible scenery for tabletop games.

The system uses  ‘OpenLOCK’ clips, to lock the pieces in place and ‘top locking pins’ to allow building levels to be stacked.

The complete set of OpenLOCK templates are freely available for download, which means that anyone with 3d design Skills can design OpenLOCK compatible components that interconnect. End users will know that if they buy an OpenLOCK compatible model, it will connect with any other OpenLOCK compatible model.

OpenLOCK will always connect because OpenLOCK will always be backwards compatible.

If you’re a 3D designer you can download the OpenLOCK templates directly from Thingiverse or PrintableScenery.com and start designing OpenLOCK compatible parts.

At PrintableScenery.com, we have designed hundreds of OpenLOCK compatible tiles in our ‘Rampage System’. From sliding doors, falling traps, sewers, castles, caverns and a huge range of dungeons and fantasy scenery.

If you have a home 3D printer you can purchase and download the Rampage models from our website to  print at home or contact one of our licensed printers to get any of our items 3D printed.

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  1. Joshua Simpson says:

    I’m having trouble finding where to download the openlock clips from. Could you please point me in the right direction?

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