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  • in reply to: First finished pieces #298365

    Haha thats excellent! You’ll have to do a photshoot when its ready! I’m eyeing up the town square tiles to do a diorama myself when they’re ready!

    in reply to: First finished pieces #298159

    Looks great Mark! They’ve come up a treat!
    Are these for gaming or just for show?

    in reply to: Chieftain’s Hall #296735

    Thanks for the suggestion!
    It is on our list of model updates 🙂

    in reply to: Clips not fitting? #296731

    Hi Isaac,

    Theres actually an in-built support you need to remove for the clips to fit.
    We’ve got an article in our knowledgebase here that will show you:

    Removing supports from the OpenLOCK ports

    Hope that helps!

    in reply to: Assembly of small printer pieces #296592

    You’re spot on there! Whilst the pieces line up easily without the guide holes, they are designed for a small piece of spare filament to go in like a pin. It gives you that extra little bit of stability and ensures they’re lined up exactly.

    in reply to: Welcome to the Hagglethorn Hollow page! #295313

    Your best bet is to email [email protected] and they’ll help you out that way 🙂

    in reply to: Layer pins #294790

    We are working on new locking pins for these models and will have updated versions out as soon as possible

    in reply to: hagglethorn barracks weird question #294788

    Hi Horacio,

    We like to imagine it’s for very tall people or for access outside. You’ll see in the stretch goals that there are walkways and support platforms that would give access to the door.
    It also allows you to use the barracks without the Tower Base and still have floor access from there 🙂

    in reply to: Test prints at different settings #293528

    Thanks for sharing your findings! I wonder if the smaller layer height will come into play more when it comes to smaller objects like some of the furniture stretch goals and the waymarkers.

    in reply to: Test prints at different settings #293148

    VERY interested to see how they turn out, please do share! The prints for our studio pieces are done at .2 layer height so will be keen to see how these go.

    in reply to: When should I expect access to the files #291210

    Hi Matthew,

    Email [email protected] and we’ll get your account sorted 🙂

    in reply to: When should I expect access to the files #291209

    No problem Ron!
    We do our best to make sure all the STLs are the best they can be before releasing them, which sometimes takes time. Typically over that six month period you’ll see 2-3 new products each week

    in reply to: Blender Imperial Units? #291208

    Hi Mk,

    We use metric when designing our pieces if that helps.

    in reply to: Homestead Roof #291195

    Hey Brian,

    Thanks for showing us! A few others reported this and we’ve since updated the download with the new version that is adjusted to be flat on the base.

    Happy Printing 🙂

    in reply to: When should I expect access to the files #283264

    By the end of this week we’ll have the core pledge files available.
    If there’s any issues with your account settings email [email protected] and they’ll help you out

    in reply to: Paint Schemes #281484

    I hear you!
    For my personal collection, I often take the model paint to the hardware store and have them match it as close as possible. It won’t always be 100% but on a large scale its still consistent. We’ve done it so many times now they have some of the Army Painter names in their database (we can just ask for a pot of dungeon grey!).
    Matching photos can also be hard when lighting conditions can alter the look of an image so much but it’ll still get you most of the way there.
    I think you’ve provided an excellent starting point for many people looking to match the factory schemes!

    in reply to: Paint Schemes #281279

    Wow, that’s amazingly comprehensive! Thanks for sharing your findings!
    I’m sure this will go along way helping others match colors for their Hagglethorn.
    When we put up our painting guide for Hagglethorn we’ll be sure to reference your research in the painting guide 🙂

    in reply to: Basic questions #281102

    Hey Joe,

    At this stage the models will have top locking pins for the upright pieces to stack on top of one another, so you shouldn’t need magnets for them.
    It is certainly something we can look into adding.

    in reply to: Printing times #281100

    Hey Thomas,

    For some of the larger pieces thats fairly correct. Your slicer settings can change this depending things like layer height, printer head speed and infill % and pattern.
    Printed at their optimal settings that sounds about right. I have an Ender 5 Pro myself and that sounds about correct.

    in reply to: Tudor walls infill #280829

    Hi Philip,

    Great question! The reason there is stone behind them more for gaming reasons than historical accuracy. It was designed that way so that the tiles are reversible for use in building dungeons for Clorehaven.
    Speaking of Clorehaven, the reason they use a lot of stone in the construction of their buildings is to help shore up their defences from the Goblin Grotto nearby. Being the target of constant raids their buildings have been upgraded.

    You do raise an excellent point and one we’re keen to remedy with more traditional wattle and daub (like you can see in the Shadowfey Ruins) when we revise these ranges.
    One idea to remedy this would be to paint the internal bricks as mud bricks. Not traditional, but would be easier to explain on some of the poorer sectors of the town.

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