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    Hey Thomas,

    For some of the larger pieces thats fairly correct. Your slicer settings can change this depending things like layer height, printer head speed and infill % and pattern.
    Printed at their optimal settings that sounds about right. I have an Ender 5 Pro myself and that sounds about correct.

    in reply to: Tudor walls infill #280829

    Hi Philip,

    Great question! The reason there is stone behind them more for gaming reasons than historical accuracy. It was designed that way so that the tiles are reversible for use in building dungeons for Clorehaven.
    Speaking of Clorehaven, the reason they use a lot of stone in the construction of their buildings is to help shore up their defences from the Goblin Grotto nearby. Being the target of constant raids their buildings have been upgraded.

    You do raise an excellent point and one we’re keen to remedy with more traditional wattle and daub (like you can see in the Shadowfey Ruins) when we revise these ranges.
    One idea to remedy this would be to paint the internal bricks as mud bricks. Not traditional, but would be easier to explain on some of the poorer sectors of the town.

    in reply to: Release Date #280669

    Hi Dennis,

    Good question! The Kickstarter campaign will end on July 20th, we will send out the pledge manager and the core pledges will be available for download shortly after.
    The stretch goals will become available as they become ready over the coming months afterward. There should be a few ready to go not long after the campaign finishes.
    So depending on how far the campaign goes is how long it takes to get all the stretch goals released.

    in reply to: Please: Changelog included in download #280668

    Hi Asger,

    Thats a very good idea, I’ll pass it onto the team to look at implementing for the future.
    We’re always looking to improve our products and appreciate your thoughts!

    in reply to: Tower of Insanity blocks #279990

    Hey Fabrizio,

    Hope these pictures help to line up your tower!
    The back left corner is only just touching due to the ruined state of the tower.
    Let us know if you need any other tips or advice 🙂

    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for reaching out, the photo of the failed prints is hard to look at for any 3d printing enthusiast but we’ve all been there!
    My immediate thought would be to look at the stability of your printer and the printer head speed. If the printer is on a wobbly surface then movement whilst printing might break those thin parts of the model. On a similar note if the printer head is moving too fast it could knock some of those smaller pieces when printing.
    To get down to the bottom of it would mind sharing a screenshot of your printer settings? Maybe it will reveal a clue to help to solve this issue

    in reply to: Schist walls D section #263220

    Thanks for letting us know, we’ve added it to be updated and will let you know when its ready 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)
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