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  • in reply to: Clips Breaking #321966

    I’ve found in the past that the clips and tiles printed in resin can become brittle in time and are susceptible to breaking.
    When it comes to fitting pieces together you’d be surprised the difference a couple of layer of paint can make. Id suggest if they arent fitting just shave down the clip slightly or scale it down by 1 or 2% when printing.

    in reply to: Do Wild Rivers and Rivers work together #321965

    They aren’t 100% compatible, if you scaled them slightly they would line up.

    I have printed the Wild River set and am very happy with it. I would say they’re very similar except the normal river set doesn’t have texture or details (like stones and bushes).
    The River would be good if you wanted to add your own texture and detailing to the river banks, where as the Wild River is good if you prefer to have the texture already modelled on there.

    in reply to: Tudor wall with chimney #315143

    Having a look through Terrain Tinker it looks like there’s just the fireplace wall but I could be wrong. The full catalogue is on there and the best way to check what pieces are available. I don’t think we have a cap for the chimneys but a good suggestion! Could be something we add in the future.


    in reply to: Fishermans Hut complete roof #313980

    HI AFK,

    Thanks for getting in touch. The complete version is provided for those who want to scale the piece up or down, and for people who want to add in their own custom supports. The main files that aren’t in a subfolder are the ideal ones to print this piece, in which we’ve cut it in some places to avoid those overhangs and supports.

    Would you be able to attached some screenshots of the errors you’re getting? I’ve run the same piece through Cura v1.12 and not got any errors, but maybe with some images we can diagnose the problem and get it fixed.



    in reply to: Hagglethorn Progress #313119

    Looking good!

    in reply to: Mushroom Forest Progress #313118

    Thats looking nice! Good colour choices

    in reply to: Are supports needed at all? #312857

    That piece should be fine to print without supports. The angle of the corbel is positioned so that it should print well. If it doubt you can always try with supports touching buildplate.

    in reply to: Welcome to the Rise of the Halflings! #312717

    Same I can’t wait to paint up some of the Merchant Carts, they’ll be really cool for DnD I think.

    The Warlock terrain has been heaps of fun to paint, I’m loving the dragon/gargoyle motifs.
    We’ll have a painting guide out for those buildings too with some good tips on painting large areas of metal

    in reply to: Village of Hommlet Dungeon Level #312236

    Looks great!

    I really like the use of the foam blocks to set it in the ground.

    Well done!

    HI Nathan,

    The best I can find is
    If you’re ok using wooden stairs. You can always check it out on if you haven’t already.

    Hope that helps!

    in reply to: Problems with A-Wall-Schist-v0.2 #311679

    Another simple trick you could try that worked for me is simply changing the orientation of the piece on your buildplate. Turn it 90 degrees and give it a go. I was having a similar issue with another piece and that fixed it.

    in reply to: Problems with A-Wall-Schist-v0.2 #311519

    Thanks for sharing that, sometimes there can be one or two little adjustments that can help things along.
    The only thing that sticks out to me would be to change the layer height to .2 instead of .3 and maybe turn the temperature down to 190-200 but if you’ve printed other Clorehaven tiles with this then it shouldn’t matter. Could be worth a try though.

    I downloaded the schist walls and put them through Cura Slicer to ensure there weren’t any errors with the file and it looks good.
    To be sure I ran a repair script through Netfabb and it’s not showing any errors either.

    You could try using Cura as the slicer for this and see if it prints correctly, that’s what we use for most of our prints and haven’t had any issues with the schist walls.

    Hope that helps and gives you some options to try out.

    in reply to: Problems with A-Wall-Schist-v0.2 #311486

    Hmmm. Its tricky to tell straight from the photos what’s going wrong. Could you please share some screenshots of your slicer settings? It might give us more a clue as to where the error is occurring.

    in reply to: Update to Webpage – Terrain Tinker Compatible #310644

    Your accounts should be linked so that if you have something on your Terrain Tinker account it’ll be available on the Printable Scenery website. I can definitely your suggestion being useful for people to know that a certain range is on Terrain Tinker too. I’ll bring it up with the team next time we meet.

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    in reply to: Medieval Church 15mm slicer problem #310643

    Hi Frank,

    I just downloaded the latest version and it seemed to slice ok but that wasn’t on a MAC. What kind of error message is it giving?
    I was using cura v4.11, are you on the latest version of it? There was a few changes from 4.10 to 4.11

    in reply to: Red Dragon Inn #310642


    Holy Moly Mike that is truly amazing!
    The level of detail and care you’ve put into this is truly inspiring. I can only imagine the hours you’ve put into this, and its paid off!

    If you weren’t planning to already you should think about entering this in the Arcane Brush painting comp, I think it would do well and inspire others to make some epic terrain too!

    Thanks so much for sharing, you’re a legend!

    in reply to: Help creating or someone who wants to make #310513

    Thats a cool idea! The next time we make a sci-fi kickstarter we’ll definitely look at doing some sort of interconnecting bunker network

    in reply to: Red Dragon Inn #310512

    Looking forward to it! Did you make it using Terrain Tinker?

    in reply to: The Black Ship – Question #310243

    Hey thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!

    We’ve re-oriented that piece so its flat on the build plate now. You should get an email with the updated version once its uploaded in the very near future

    Appreciate the feedback, those wily pirates can sometimes slip past us!
    Happy printing!

    in reply to: Large Tower Stairs and Opening – V Floors #309465

    Hi Bill,
    At this stage there isnt, as the towers have trap doors for ladder access rather than a staircase.
    Solid idea, ill add your suggestion to our list of potential future model updates.

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